“Tokyo Showed Up!” in American Music Videos

WWhen Beastie Boys chose Tokyo as the setting of the video “Intergalactic” in 1998, the city was not very distinctive, innovative and sophisticated like the city in these recent years. What the popular hip-hop group did blew Japanese young people’s minds. Beastie Boys changed impressions that the people had for their city who lived in a long bad recession, and also, they recognized artists from other countries started interested in the metropolis.

Since then, many singers have been shooting their music video in Tokyo. The most recent video would be “Rather Be ft Jess Glynne/ Clean Bandit (2014).”

This song made Clean Bandit breakthrough as a star. In the video, a woman goes to a fish market and work in Yakitori – a traditional chicken food – shop. It didn’t shoot in concrete jungles such like Shibuya and Shinjuku that are used to make bizarre moods, but each setting in the video fits the song in the band’s peculiar and mysterious character and story.

The Killers also shot “Read My Mind (2007)” in Tokyo. Since their outfits are not in harmony with the messy city, it gives off a unique atmosphere. You will see one green creature shows up. He is Gachapin, a popular character of kid’s TV show, who is 5 years old of a dinosaur. He has been 5 years old since 1973.

In Madonna’s video “Jump (2005)”, athletes for Parkour are jumping around Tokyo’s city. Sings of shops and restaurants are effectively used to make the video more outstanding. Don’t miss a designer changed some sings to her name.

Willow Smith has shifted her style from pop to artistic singer in some years. Her kind and faint vocalism attract. She is appearing as a model so you would enjoy an inhomogeneity of her maverick fashions and the city in her video “Everything Stays (2015).”

Finally, they might be the first band which shot a music video in Tokyo. “So Lonely/ The Police (1978).” The city in the video is an archetype of current Tokyo, so it occasionally doesn’t look the same city.

“Lost In Translation (2003)” illustrates loneliness of man and woman in the big-busy-urban city with sentimental songs. Tokyo is not only exciting, but also isolated, mysterious and nostalgic. You will find your own emotion to Tokyo.

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