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The Best Ways to Import Japanese Products from Japan

There are many fans of Japanese products around the world. Food, clothing, cosmetics, stationaries, electronics, and toys would be popular and beloved stuff to buy.

You think you want to buy and send something from Japan? It was a hard work to get them 10 years ago, but now there are some EC companies who run their business in English to export various products from Japan.

Rakuten, called “The Department Store On The Internet”, is the #2 EC company in Japan in 2018 after Amazon. As its nickname suggests, more than forty thousands shops gather there and consist of Rakuten. Each shop has its page and sells its products. Because of the large numbers of shops, you can find various things. Also, Rakuten has stable and safe logistics although it depends on Japan Post Co., Ltd. to deliver products to consumers. Incidentally, the Japan Post was the government-owned company and has solid systems for shipping. You will order your favorite goods with ease.

One of the distinctiveness of Rakuten is it offers a lot of food around Japan. Each area of Japan has the part’s unique food and desserts. You can find the best one for you in the website.

A next one is DOKODEMO. The company also is dealing with various goods and deliver to over 80 countries and regions. On its website, it seemed cosmetics and packaged food are very popular.

These are some of the top items.

Calorie Mate Block Chocolate (1 Box)

This handy food which has enough nutrition supports your busy life.

Clear Turn Firming Skin Eye Zone Mask (32 sheets)

KOSE is traditional and famous cosmetic company. The mask prevent from making your skin dry.

Orihiro Night Diet Tea (20 Bags)

The tea is caffeine-free, so don’t worry to drink it before sleeping.

Lycee Contact W Eye-Drops (3rd Class OTC Drug, 8ml) (NULL)


You can put it even if you wear contacts. It refreshes your eyes.

Okamoto Condoms Zero One .1mm (3 Pieces)


This condo is unbelievably thin also a good quality.

Also, apparently many of its products are tax-free, so consumption tax is not included in the prices. This company also has a partnership with Japan Post for shipping.

If you can’t something from Japan in your country, check these websites.

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