0.01 mm Ultimate Condoms and Their Eccentric Online Promotions

Two condom’s manufacturers have been competing for their condom’s thickness in Japan. They are Okamoto Condom (Okamoto Industries, Inc.) and Sagami Condom (Sagami Rubber Industries Co., Ltd.) Their condoms are now 0.01 mm. It is very thin. This would be the almost #1 thickness in the world. Also, they are filled with an abundant personal lubricant. They are necessary goods for Japanese young people.

Recently, young people who don’t use condoms have been extending even though they can get condoms easily in convenient stores and drug stores (It is said the influence came from a huge Japanese porn industry.)

The companies, especially Okamoto Condom, promote their products on YouTube. They basically advertise themselves inside a Japanese market, so their promotional videos are all in Japanese, but you will find silly fun in the videos.

-Okamoto Condom Video Lists-



Okamoto Condom Traning Camp-English ver.

-Sagami Condom Video-

Act of Love ~愛は、行動するもの。~

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