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Netflix Revitalized Comic-Book Movie ”Erased” Ruined by Warner Bros

How depressing yet beautiful suspense and sci-fi drama that encourages viewers. “Erased” is one of the success stories by Kei Sanbe in these several years. It started as a comic and then became an animation and movie.

Satoru Fujinuma, who is a struggling manga artist, is caught by a mysterious phenomenon that backs to a time repeatedly until he recognizes what is happening when the something bad about him arose. One day his mother witnessed a man tried to take a little girl to his car to abduct her when the phenomena occurred. The mother was familiar with the man’s eyes although she could not recall the man exactly. A few days later, someone intrudes their house and the mother was killed. Since then, Satoru started being doubted as the criminal who murdered his own mother and suddenly the phenomena occurred when he was escaping from the police. When he found him, he was in 1988 in an elementary school boy’s appearance.

When the movie came out, fans noticed it ruined the world. It was awful and tweaked the story badly.

But, Netflix revitalized “Erased” again. It pleased the fans. The drama adheres to the gloomy beauty that the animation has. Although the story was tuned in; some parts are hard to express in the drama, the drama has almost same depictions with the animation, nevertheless, they are totally different media. Also, it makes us feel breathless by serial cases children are abducted and murdered, but bright through positiveness that a boy tries to seeking.


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