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You Know What “Love Hotel” is? Wanna Stay There?
You know what Love-Hotel is? Love-Hotel is a hotel for couples who want to have sex away from their home. Sounds weird? But it is true. Only for having sex. There are a lot of Love-Hotels around Japan. Originally, couples go to the hotels without reservation and stay for 2-3hours or one night, but the system has been changing in these several years.

In Loveinn Japan, you can make a reservation for Love-Hotel on the website. Because coupes need to visit Love-Hotels first to stay there even though the rooms are full in conventional ways, the reservation system is groundbreaking.

Love-Hotels are welcoming non-couples, too. Now, it is popular for women to throw a party in the room. Women’s friends’ groups stay together and spend their time until morning. Also, Love-Hotels want people to use there instead of other hotels.

In fact, Japan will be running out of rooms for Tokyo Olympics of 2020 and is trying to ensure them by relieving rules of the accommodation system, so if you are interested in the service, search in Loveinn Japan and stay Love-Hotel.

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