A Stylish Restaurant Providing Hot and Sour Soup and Mapo-Tofu Ramen

Hot and sour soup and Mapo Tofu are a representative food of China. They are velvety yet spicy and stimulate your body. There is a shop that you can enjoy this food in Nakameguro, Tokyo.

That is Niigata Sanpo-tei Tokyo lab which opened at the end of 2015. The shop offers ramens of hot and sour soup and Mapo Tofu. You can enjoy them step by step. First, taste the soup. The soups are thick and have several ingredients. Be careful! The soup is very hot because of starchy sauce. Second, eat it as ramen. The noodles are a good thickness for entangling the soup.  Finally, order a small bowl of rice and put the soup on it. Enjoy it by Don(Over-rice) style. It might take long minutes to finish it up because the ramens are spicy and very hot, but you can be satisfied at the dish.

Since Sanpo-tei was originally from Niigata area, it has Sake from several breweries of Hakkai Mt., Kirin Mt. Also, its side dishes are enough to satisfy you. One recommendation is ordering only Sake and some side dishes. No ramen. This is also a tip to enjoy the shop.

Address: 44-5 Kamimeguro 2 Chome, Kamimeguro, Meguro, Tokyo
Tel: 03-5725-3356 (from inside Japan)

Lunch 11:30am〜3:30pm(Last Order 3:00pm)
Dinner 5:30pm〜11:30pm(Last Order 11:00)
■Weekends/ Holidays
11:30am〜11:30pm(Last Order 11:00pm)
There isn’t a closing day. There are 24 seats.
It’s located 6 minutes away from Nakameguro Station.

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