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Ask a help to food-professional “JPNEAZY” when you choose a restaurant in Japan

Tokyo is a dense city. In the crowded area, there are a lot of historical places, museums, parks, shopping malls, sub-cultures’ spots. Everything is a lot, lot, lot…. It makes you tired. Especially, it would be a hard work when you find a good place to eat because the city has a lot of options for food. If you want to eat Ramen, it would be difficult to choose a good one from hundreds Ramen shops. Also, vegetarians and people who need Halal food usually have to search for their restaurants well before coming to Japan because many restaurants don’t have their food.

JPNEAZY helps those people find a restaurant that they want. The service introduces the best one from a large number of restaurant databases and makes a reservation instead of you.
Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 4.22.15 PM.png

Once you open their website, you can start chatting in some languages. Even if you don’t have any plan in an area you are, they will recommend good restaurants around the area.

Guidebooks and the Internet search give tourists same information. They are also fine, but it would be exciting to visit a place that you only know.

*Sources of all photos are belonging to JPNEAZY.

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