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Tokyo Hot Spots: The Gohongi Intersection – Jazzy Sport &  Streamer Coffee Company –

The Gohongi Intersection is located between Yutenji station (祐天寺駅) and Gakugeidaigaku station (学芸大学駅). This area is not famous compared to Harajuku and Shibuya areas but many DJs, Fashionistas, Bicycle riders, Skaters, Hipsters gather at the places because of two shops: Jazzy Sport and Steamer Coffee Company.

Jazzy Sport which has a music label and record shop is trying to fuse music and sports.

Jazzy Sport

DJ Mitsu the Beats, Grooveman Spot and GAGLE belong to the label.

DJ Mitsu The Beats – Beat Installments

groovemanSpot / Affection feat. Ahu

GAGLE – 聞える (Good to Go)

The label also holds a winter music festival “APPI JAZZY SPORT” at a ski resort. You also can ski or snowboard there.
Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 3.09.20 PM.png

Also, it supports a movie festival on a beach with Cinema Caravan which has a cinema at Zushi area, sea-side city.Picture3

Check out their mellow and inspiring music on Soundcloud.

Streamer Coffee Company is at another side of the street that Jazzy Sport stands. It has more than 10 chain shops around Japan. The shop is stylish and cozy. The atmosphere is like a coffee shop in Brooklyn.

Streamer Coffee Company



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It offers blend coffees which roast in the shops. Also, it has some snacks and donuts.

I lived in Nakameguro close to Yutenji station for 8 years. I liked the place a lot because the area has hundreds small but nice shops and restaurants. Also, Komazawa street that the Gohongi Intersection lies on has a lot of lovely shops was close from my home, so I often used to visit the area. Also, Komazawa park which often has food events during weekends is on the street. You would enjoy exploring the neighborhood.

*Sources of all photos are belonging to Jazzy Sport and Streamer Coffee Company.

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