Disco Sounds with the Latest J-Pop Tunes, “Oresama”

Now in Tokyo, music, and fashion from 80’s have come back. Japanese Disco sound is one of them. It has been revived in these 1-2 years.

Oresama is a duo based in Shibuya that consists of a frontwoman PON and a track maker Hideo Kojima. Thier music is New Disco Pop that is 80’s Disco music remade by Electric and Funk sounds.

PON’s girlish and soft yet lively voice fit the nostalgic and new disco sounds. Also, their music videos always include distinctive artworks of 80’s style by Utomaru.


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Here is the cover art of ORESAMA's new single "Wonder Drive". You can get my art cover only in Village Vanguard japan. It will be released on 24th of May. And we have just uploaded the music video on YouTube. Some pieces of my artworks appear in it as usual. I hope you all will enjoy watching. Thanks! 5月24日発売の、ORESAMA『ワンダードライブ』のJKTイラストを描きました。ヴィレッジヴァンガードで購入頂くと、特典として私のイラストのスリーブケースが付きます。表が青髪ぽんちゃん、裏が金髪ぽんちゃんになってます。(通常版はタイアップアニメ「アリスと蔵六」verスリーブケースです。) MVもただいまリリースされました。こちらもイラストで協力しています。ぜひご覧ください。 #oresama #utomaru #coverart #artdesign #drawing #illustration #jpop #instagood #😇😎

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Rainbow noodle. #rainbow #illustration #drawing

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The revivals of the music and illustrations from 80’s don’t look old-fashioned and obsolete by incorporating current pop music and design elements and are attracting young people.

Cultures and fashions from 80’s and 90’s style are re-appreciated around the world now. I sometimes feel weird when I see young people wear the same kind of clothes that young people of my childhood did. It feels me like I am doing time-traveling although I am enjoying music and designs from the era. What do you think about these revivals in your mind?

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