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Rapper’s Duo “chelmico” delivers you raps that you were waiting for long if you like Japanese rap.

Definitely chelmico’s music remind me RIP SLYME. Yes. It’s because they said the boyband influenced the girls.

Rachel and Mamiko started chelmico in 2014. Since then, they have released two albums, two mini albums and nine singles.

Their catchy music makes people want to sing raps again like we did with music of RIP SLYME who brought pop-rap culture to Japanese young people. That would be the reason why I feel a bit nostalgic about chelmico’s music. I was not a big fan of them but our life was surrounded by RIP SLYME’s raps 15 years ago.

Also, the girls’ crisp and straightforward voices match the sounds they make. They sing energetically and sometimes emotionally.

I like this kind of Japanese/ Tokyo/ Shibuya/ Harajyuku’s rap. Rappers in the fields don’t look like rap of songs from other countries and their music who is born in the areas is distinctive.

I introduce three songs from their music.


[ Player ]
-You will have a mood that you want to dance or run.

[ Highlight ]
– I recommend to listen to it in morning. You can start a good day.

[Zuruine (ずるいね) ]
-This is a bit emotional song. This is a love song about a girl who fell in love with a man.

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