Um. I like this music but it’s hard to explain what the genre is. “Tempalay”

Now I am into “Tempalay.” The band released their first album in 2014. When I first listened to their song, I was pulled into the inexplicable sounds and a gender-neutral voice of the vocalist. Also, their videos which are unique and atmospheric attracted me more. This is it.

Doooshiyooo!! (どうしよう(What should I do?))

I just laughed like “What happened to this guy who shot himself ?” and the music dragged me to their world.

Their music are very idiosyncratic and weird but it delivers to the deep place of my head.


Kakumei Zenya(革命前夜(The Night before Revolution))

The band renewed the member in Summer of 2018 and introduced Sonic Wave in the year.

Sonic Wave

They are in Spotify, and I like “カンガルーも考えている(Kangaroo is also thinking)” the best. It makes my brain melt.

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